Ready for the professional support in your business? 


Introducing my monthly membership program,
Pet Business Library

The daily support system, which will make running your business easier, with …

  Client Forms & Agreements

  Email Templates

  Mini Trainings

  Social Media Graphics


You want to get things done, but you don’t want to spend all your waking time on Google, keep bugging your colleagues, or buy each product separately resulting in a high-priced purchase.

So how do you do it?

I know how you feel!

  You don’t want to spend your waking time researching every little piece of information to run a professional business.

  The cursor in your email is your enemy. You just don’t know how to tactfully and professionally communicate with your clients.

  You are thinking about hiring staff, but don’t know if you can even afford it? You wish you could get a clear answer by plugging your current sales numbers and amount of walks into a Calculator.

  You are not creative and your Social media presence feels bland. What if there were prepared templates that will give you the freedom to just customize them with your brand colors and logo and off you post them?

  You wish there would be a quick way to do a task. What if there would be a membership that creates whatever you need it to within a few days?

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Zue.

As a german native, after earning my Bachelor degree in International Business – Management, I have worked in Corporate America for a few years managing 3 retail stores, interviewing and hiring countless Employees. Until I realized that owning my own business is the only way I could marry my passion and freedom. I quit and started my own Dog Walking Business 7 years ago, feeding on my prior knowledge/experience and with that building a 6-Figure Dog Walking Business.

In the beginning of running my business, I looked for dog walking business specific support and none of the available options spoke to me or I felt like I was nickeled and dimed.

Once I figured everything out, I made it my mission to provide the best support Dog Walking Business Owners truly DESERVE. 

 It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed. I’m able to take off regularly for vacations, enjoy my weekends with my family and hobbies, and live a life that is truly free and inspired. Knowing how to communicate with our clients at every point of the process, turning that into templates and the know-how on which systems to use in order to make my business life easier, have had a huge impact on my success!

I knew I needed to create a library!


My monthly, ever-expanding Membership  for professional support in running your
dog walking & Pet Sitting business.

How would it feel to ..

…Know what to say

All of my Email Templates are tested through and through.
They have given my students and me the best possible results.

…Know how to do it

As a business owner you have to be a Jack of all Trades!
That can be time-consuming and tiring.
With my Mini Trainings you will get quick-to-the-point tutorials on how to do get stuff done.

…Know your math

Understanding your numbers can be daunting,
which is why I have created Calculators that help you put your business into perspective,
so you can make sound decisions.

…Know what to post

You’ll have access to Social Media Graphics for all major Holiday,
which you can easily customize with your own brand colors and logos

Here is what you will get in the library:

Basic Net Income Calculator

And more every month!

Get all this for just


Instant Access to Everything

No dripped content.
Whatever you see included, is what you will have access to right after signing up. Go through it as fast or as slow as you’d like. 
See as this your own personal heaven for business support. 

No Long-Term Contract

It’s your choice.
You can stay a member, enjoy fresh content monthly at the same rate when you signed up no matter by how much the price goes up, or
you can cancel anytime with the push of a button.

Creation by Demand

This membership is very much like a living, breathing entity, as it’s growing with content that supports it’s members best.
You need something? Let me know and I’ll do my Best to create it as quickly as possible – that’s a promise. 

Costs less than a Dollar/Day

I’ll always aim to make my programs as affordable and valuable as possible. And the feedback I have received from my students overwhelmingly states that this membership absolutely exceeded their expectations at only 64 cents/day!

Pet Business Library is here to make your professional life easier and save you time in your
Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Is this program also suited for pet sitters?

Yes, absolutely!
Pet Business Library is great for Dog Walking And Pet Sitting Businesses alike. If you own an only Cat Sitting Business, this will work for you 100% too. 

Can I cancel anytime or will I be locked in?

You can cancel anytime, with one click – no questions asked.  

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I do not offer refunds, but I’m 100% sure you will love the content and won’t regret joining. 

Will the price stay the same?

Once you are a member of the Pet Business Library, your rate is locked in.

Generally the price won’t stay the same, as this is still the introductory period of Pet Business Library. But no worries, I’ll always do my best to keep it affordable. 

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